Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ameen's blog on the Western Ghats

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mohan said...

Hello Ameen ,
Was searching for areas to bird around Bhadra and i came across your blog.
It made wonderful reading.


ameen said...

Thanks Mohan. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Sriranga said...

Areally nice article regarding the bhadra wildlife sanctuary. Whats the routr we gotta take frm Bangalore to this place. You can also mail me to

where to stay there ?? any good place?

many thanks in advance!

ಸಿಂಧು Sindhu said...

Hi Ameen, the wildlifing and other articles are just beautiful.. they are like windows to a panoramic territory.. Thanks for sharing the information. Is the WANC club still active? me n my frnds want to visit the bhadra reserve forest.. Plz suggest some tips - must knows, when you have some time. Thanks in advance.

ಸಿಂಧು Sindhu said...

Hi Ameen,

Thanks a lot for sharing this information. The article is informative too. Me n my friends want to visit Bhadra.. Any tips and suggestions? Plz suggest in your free time. Is your WANC active?
Thanks in advance.


ameen said...

Hello Sriranga/Sindhu,

Apologies for the delayed response. I was relocating back to Bangalore from Canada and the past two months have been extremely hectic.

Thank you for your encouraging words on my article.

Regarding your questions:
a) Whats the route we gotta take from Bangalore to this place.
To reach Muthodi you have to go to Tumkur - Tiptur - Arasikere and drive to Chikmagalur. From Chikmagalur Muthodi is 33 km.
To reach Lakvalli go to Tumkur - Tiptur - Arasikere - Kadur. After Kadur take the road to Bhadra River Project.

b) where to stay there ?? any good place?
At Muthodi you can stay in the Forest Department rest house either at Sigekhan or Muthodi.
There are many home stays in the Bababudan Giri hill ranges and you can stay at any one of them.
At Lakvalli you can halt at the River Tern Resort of Jungle Lodges. You can search for Jungle Lodges Bangalore on the net and get information on their reservation office on MG Road, Bangalore.
There are some nice places in Chikmagalur as well and you can stay there and drive over to Muthodi early in the morning.


Gautam said...

Hi Ameen,
Your love for the wild is obvious. You mention Kenneth Anderson (whose death anniversary it was on Saturday 30/08) on whom I'm trying to get more information.
Could you help me there?

workhard said...

Hi, i love the purple haze on the ghats, they are so beautiful. Me planning on visiting after summer.

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